Server Technology CW-16HFEK452 Switched FSTS Dual Input CW-16HF2/E 6.6kW - 14.6kW (16) C13 outlets

The Server Technology Switched Fail-Safe™ provides fail-over redundancy to single or dual-power supply servers and network devices. Exclusive to the Switched Fail-Safe is its ability to carry loads on the A circuit, B circuit or both and to remotely manage the outlets.

Similar, but unlike a common automatic transfer switch, the Switched Fail-Safe unit is unique in that it contains two (2) in-feeds and two (2) banks of outlets.

For example he "A" in-feed routinely powers just the A1-8 outlets, and the "B" in-feed routinely powers just the B1-8 outlets. However, if the "A" in-feed goes down, the "B" in-feed powers all 16 outlets and the same if the "B" in-feed goes down, the "A" in-feed powers all the outlets.


This "Fail-Safe" method has several advantages compared to a standard ATS because it does not prohibit load balancing between the two supplied circuits. A standard ATS contains two-in-feeds, but runs all outlets from just one source, with the secondary source only being used once an outage occurs on the capacity. This results in less heat, less resistance, and consequently less of a voltage drop compared to the same load existing on just one source. Only when an outage occurs on one of the two sources will the entire load be applied to a single source.

  • Fail-Safe: Redundant power feeds pick up the entire load for both circuits if either power feed fails
  • Power Distribution: 208V 20/30A; 230V 16/32A power input options (Phase-synchronized input power required).
  • Remote Management: Power cycle individual power outlets, or groups of power outlets, to remotely reboot servers and network devices, unused power receptacles
  • Power-up Sequencing: of outlets prevents a power in-rush overload. User adjustable sequence interval.
  • Input Current Monitor: Power monitoring of the aggregate load (in amps) on each power circuit via the network interface and locally on the enclosure.
  • Authentication: Username/password required for network administrators & user accounts. Multiple user accounts can be established with designated access rights.
  • Web GUI: for managing and grouping outlets, user accounts and network settings.
  • Add an Expansion Module: Connect the Switched Expansion Module (CX) to a Master unit (CW) for power monitoring and control from a single IP address.
  • Outlet Grouping: Group individual outlets for control of dual-power supply servers and devices with a single command.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Add temperature, humidity, water and intrusion monitoring with the EMCU-1-1B
Input Power Capacity (kW): 7.3
Input Plug Type: IEC 230V/32A 2P+PE 6Hr
Input Current (A): 32
Input Current Rated (A): 32
Input Nominal Voltage (V): 230
Input Phase: 1-Phase (L-N)
Input Cord Location: Horizontal
Total Outlets: 16
IEC C13 Count: 16
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